Jane Foster’s Mjolnir is different from Thor’s

Jane Foster’s Mjolnir is different from Thor’s

One of the most anticipated films of the year, and perhaps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the years, it continues to generate news from its first trailer. clip-on Thor: Love and Thunder not only served to meet Cap The Butcher Godinterpreted by Christian balecontinue dimensioning the personal path that Thor will go through, but also to discover new characteristics of the mjolnir and to Jane Foster, in the skin of Natalie Portmanwith the mantle of Goddess of Thunder.

Although the presentation of the actress took place in the teaserthat was just an appetizer for what can be enjoyed in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. It was known, from the director’s own voice Taika Waititithat Jane Foster would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to become mighty thor. The advances already show that the character will have a special within the story and that the Mjolnir will also be key.

After Hela destroyed the hammer with one hand during Thor: Ragnarök (Taika Waititi, 2017), the weapon was not seen again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until this version presented the fourth film about the character. Although its full power cannot yet be measured, nor is it known what happened so that it was forged again, there is a detail that is representative of the new characteristics that Mjolnir will have.

A new Mjolnir
in Thor: Love and Thunder

Within the Marvel mythology, weapons are part of those aspects that are attractive and permanently associated with one character or another. As well as Tony Stark draws attention to his armor and Captain America is historically associated with his shield, Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is linked with Mjolnir. Although it was not always so. From the separation in the first film of the character to the destruction of the hammer in the third.

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Added to this context is the appearance of Jane Foster as the new bearer of the mantle in Thor: Love and Thunder. The most recent trailer for the movie showed a scene where the character is fighting on Olympus. During combat, he does not throw a single piece, as Thor did at the time, but all the fragments to which the weapon was reduced. What happens next? All those pieces are grouped together. A little earlier, even in the teaser, Mjolnir was seen to have distinct cracks, light details that remained somewhat compact.

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In the meantime, Thor is expected to continue using the Stormbreaker What does it bring from Avengers: Infinity War. The advances seen so far on Thor: Love and Thunder They have not yet revealed if Jane Foster and Thor will face Gorr The Butcher God together. It is clear that both characters will have several moments in which, perhaps, the old relationship flourishes.