Less than a month before the premiere of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, in its second part reinvented, the director surprised a few days ago on his Twitter account with the announcement of a spin-off, in form of eight chapter series exclusively for HBO MAX.

The series has a release date in sight for January 2022. A piece of news that may reveal the intention of DC to compete with MARVEL STUDIOS and their exclusive series on Disney Plus, inside of UCM. The well-known fighter John Cena, plays PEACEMAKER in his first role as a leading superhero. A trend that repeats for the second time James Gunn in one of his jobs, as happened in Guardians of the Galaxy, where the also fighter Dave Batista played the character of Drax.

Recent news from both DC like MARVEL STUDIOS They give us clues about the new stories of superheroes in each of their multiverses, which will arrive in the coming months. Films, series and video games based on new universes not seen in the audiovisual industry. Everything indicates a consolidation of the adaptations of the comics of superheroes and superheroines to the audiovisual as a subgenre in itself.