These measures include the cancellation of events in August and September massive events such as: national holidays, October holidays, patron saint festivals (in municipalities with low incidence, an exception authorization may be requested from the health table), religious festivities outside the walls; the reports of government management, protests and festivities related to politics.

We have to guarantee the return to classes, before the disorder, the party and the riot, of course

“The bars and clubs in the face of the refusal to comply with the sanitary protocols and among the evidence that it is the young population in these types of places that is being infected are suspended, because first we have to guarantee the return to classes, before the disorder, partying and riot, that is clear, ”said the state governor.
The restrictions involve the following measures:
Restaurants: they will have a capacity of 50% instead of the current 75%, their closing hours change from 1am to 12am at night.
Social events in halls: for closed spaces of 300 people it drops to 150, in open spaces, one person for every 7 square meters.
Hotels: will continue with a capacity of 80%, although it decreases to 50% in common areas.

Stadiums with 33%, with use of face masks.