At the beginning of the year, after his departure from Stadia, Jade Raymon announced the creation of Haven Entertainment, a new development studio with which he would create a game in collaboration with Sony for PlayStation 5. Months later, it has been learned that the studio already has veterans of Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed, among other games, and that it would be a game as a service.

Through their LinkedIn profiles (via VGC), Havennse has been found to have captured several familiar faces from the Montreal development landscape, including former Assassin’s Creed series producer Sebastien Pule, screenwriter Corey May, Watch Dogs 1 and 2 art director Mathieu Leduc, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider director Daniel Drapeau.

As for the game itself, Raymond would have hinted that it is a game as a service. “The backbone of many of the biggest franchises in the games industry, from premium launches to games as a service (GaaS) model, It was an important step towards two-way engagement, ”Comet Raymond. But the fully realized vision for this new generation of multitasking, tech-savvy and highly social creatives is a network model. »

“To get people’s attention now, you need the power of the network. The content of the game must matter to people at its core. How do you make content really important to your audience? You do everything about them; you allow them to become the creators themselves.

“Game studios are no longer isolated creative teams broadcasting to millions of faceless ‘consumers’. In this new world the way to gain relevance is to flip that model, connect it in a network, so that the fans are now co-creators driving the content, the construction of the narrative and the direction of the activities of the creative team, “concludes the creative.

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For the moment, no name or official details about this project by Jade Raymond for PS5 which, according to these words, could be a game as a service. We will have to wait for official news in the coming months, when the following Sony projects arrive, such as Horizon: Forbidden West.

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