its season 2 is on track to be the most watched series on the platform in its entire history spoken in English

its season 2 is on track to be the most watched series on the platform in its entire history spoken in English

The phenomenon ‘The Bridgertons’ has no limits in Netflix. The first season became at the time the most watched series on the platform of all time. It still maintains it in relation to those spoken in English -in other languages ​​it will be a long time until one surpasses ‘The Squid Game’-, but Everything indicates that it will soon be overcome by itself.


The second season of ‘The Bridgertons’ just broke the record of the most watched English series on Netflix for a week by adding 251.74 million hours watched between March 28 and April 3. That we had data, the record until now was in the hands of ‘Who is Anna?’ with 195.97 million hours between February 14 and 20. More than 55 million difference.

Let us further note that ‘Who is Anna?’ It finally managed to reach fourth position among the most watched Netflix series in all of history with a total of 511.92 million hours watched in 28 days. Right now, the second season of ‘The Bridgertons’ already has 444.76 million hours in 10 days. ‘Who is Anna?’ “barely” added 273.28 million. More than 171 million difference. A savage.

In fact, it should not be ruled out that the second season of ‘The Bridgertons’ even exceeds the data set in 28 days by the first. Recall that the debut of the series occupies the first position with 625.49 million hours . It is impossible that the second does not save that difference of just over 181 million in the remaining 18 days. The question is when he will achieve it and what will be the new mark to beat.

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And then maybe we have to wait until the third season for another series to achieve something like that again.

‘The Bridgertons’: this explains the absence of Regé-Jean Page as Duke Simon in season 2 of the Netflix series what is impossible

is that it exceeds the data for ‘The Squid Game’, which marks both the record for the most watched series over 7 days, with 571.76 million hours played, and the most watched series during its first 28 days of on the platform, thus marking an unattainable 1,650.45 million hours.