The producer of the Super Mario Bros. movie hinted that Chris Pratt, who will play Mario in the movie, will not have an Italian accent. Read all the info Here!

Pratt mario

What could be considered the most ambitious animated film for its cast, Super Mario Bros., slowly reveals details and a rather important topic related to the performance of its protagonist Chris Pratt (Mario) has several worried. The co-producer of the upcoming animated film based on the renowned video game by Nintendo hinted that Pratt he will not have an Italian accent.

These statements do not come from just anyone, but from one of the founders of Illumination Entertainment, studio in charge of producing the movie. This person is Chris Meledandri, who in a recent interview with the medium TooFab talked about the reason why Chris pratt was chosen to play Mario.

Pratt mario

The choice of the American actor was criticized by many. But Meledandri came out to defend and said “All I can say is that the voice is making for us, and Mario, it’s phenomenal. I can’t wait for people to listen to it. “ But... Does this mean that Mario will not speak with an Italian accent?

The idea that the character will not have an Italian accent arises from the comments made by the producer of the film in this same interview. The main reason why the accent will not be present is because it can offend Italian Americans. “Well, being an Italian American, I understand this. I understand the comments. Charlie day, who plays LuigiHe has an Italian family. So that’s our nod to Italian culture. “

Pratt mario

But many agree that Mario It is not Mario without his Italian accent. In another of his comments he also indicated that Chris pratt is not practicing speaking with the characteristic accent of Charles Martinet, the Original Mario from the games.

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Even though we all know the famous phrase “It’s me, Mario!”, which Pratt already said as soon as the movie was announced, not always Mario he had an Italian accent. In the TV series he acted, Mario had an accent closer to Brooklyn NY than to Italian. But it wasn’t until Martinet launched the first “It’s me, Mario!”, with the characteristic Italian accent, that the character’s voice finally got the accent we all know