Italian model embodies the sweet beauty of Elizabeth Liones

Italian model embodies the sweet beauty of Elizabeth Liones

It’s that time of day when you take a few minutes off to enjoy your hobby and watch one of your favorite cosplayers, or maybe meet some new names that could become your next costume artist, who could surprise you with their creations with just an outfit, wigs and makeup.

On this occasion, we will introduce you to a new girl, she is a beautiful Italian model who loves to cosplay, you look at her with joy, great photos and even k-pop choreography of some of your favorite characters.

His name is Roberta Tomaiuolobut is better known on social media as Ahstraan Italian model who loves cosplay, music and dancing, you can find her as @_ahstra_, where she has just over 12 thousand followers and many great cosplay jobs, where the girl shows that she has everything to shine with her work and charisma.

Now he shows us what could be the sweetest and most relaxed version of the beloved Elizabeth Liones, one of the favorite characters in anime. Seven Deadly Sinswhich despite having already finished its episodes, is still present among its followers, leaving a legacy that cosplay girls will not let go.

We believe that the popularity of this character could be due to his personality, beauty, or simply because he is a character that became the crush of many of the fans of the franchise, and we can not blame them, just by looking at that sweet face, our hearts melt. have melted with the beautiful reincarnation of the goddess.

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Elizabeth Lions, the third princess and reincarnation of the goddess Elizabeth, who in the anime began appearing as a quiet waitress at Meliodas’ bar, but later takes a more active role in the anime. We should add that one of the main attractions of hers is her long hair, which she sports along with a fringe that covers her right eye, but still she lets us look at the beautiful teal hue of her sweet gaze. .

This beautiful cosplayer presents us with one of the versions that we can see of the character in the original anime, and we must admit that she looks adorable. We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, if so, let us know through our social networks, and please continue on eGames News.