During the second free practice session of the Italian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz suffered a severe accident at the Ascari Variation. The images worried and the FIA ​​is going to investigate what happened.

Carlos Sainz He was able to complete the Monza weekend despite his strong accident in free practice on Saturday, but the images from the on-board camera were worrying, as the Madrid driver’s head moved too far forward.

Although the pilot passed the medical checks without problems, the FIA ​​admits some concern about what happened and Michael Masi He admits that said body will initiate an investigation, although in principle nothing went wrong.

Belts are made to stretch. You can’t just keep them completely tied down because they have to give a little bit, ”notes the race director and Formula 1 safety delegate.“ So we will see the belt tightening, as we do with any major incident. We will see what we can learn from it. I mean, can it be improved? Shall we take a look? “.

When asked if Sainz’s belts gave excessively, Michael Masi replied that “possibly. And we try to learn from it ».

The HANS acted correctly

Other observers suggested that the HANS, the head restraint device, was released from the helmet and allowed the helmet to move forward, but Carlos Sainz himself has denied this.

“No, he did not do it. It was just that the impact was so strong that my head moved forward a lot and I took some of the belts with me, but not the HANS », he pointed.

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Michael Masi reiterates the seriousness with which the FIA ​​takes security. «I am always motivated by everything related to safety and its constant improvement. The Carlos incident, although it didn’t seem like much, was quite a severe shock ».

“Whether it is Halo, whether it is equipment, or car design, everything, there is always that constant evolution and the intention to improve safety as a whole,” he concluded.