All Naruto characters have an amazing story to tell. In fact, some fans think it would be cool to adapt the plot in a live action adaptation. While that has yet to be confirmed, there are some fans who have already imagined several of these characters as real people.

In fact, a CGSociety artist known as Vishwesh Taskar has made a fascinating fan art of Itachi Uchiha that is sure to blow your mind by how amazing it is. Next, we leave you the images of this magnificent recreation.

There are no words to explain how impressive these have been realistic renders of Itachi Uchihaas they could easily be mistaken for a real world image. It is so incredible that you can even see the pores of the character, as well as the details of the eyes. If you are interested, you can also see one of the best drawings of Itachi Uchiha made by a fan.

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