it will be a card game that will use NFT

it will be a card game that will use NFT

Apparently we will be hearing a lot about NFT, and it is that, love them or hate them, Non-fungible tokens They seem to be shaping up to play an important role in the gaming world, of course as long as developers find a way to implement it that is interesting to the consumer and doesn’t feel like a way to squeeze every penny out of them.

And it is that between the projects NFT, there is one that has attracted attention, it is about Game of Truth, a card game that is cataloged as “Play to win”, that is to say, it operates under the promise of letting you earn money if you know how to move correctly within its economy.

Let’s talk a little more about Game of Truth, this project is developed by the consortium Era7, which has the support of South Korean giants such as Nexon and NCSoft. This project will be available in the first quarter of 2022 and will be one of the first games that will allow Latin American players to play with NFTs in a comprehensive way.

The way it will operate, it’s about there will be 1000 different cards which are divided into Master Cards with invocation functions and Battle Cards for the game. Each of them has different attributes, which will allow you to create different strategies so that you stand out in combat.

“First of all, thanks to Era7’s established developer team, Era7 games are rich in depth and content, and provide users with long hours of entertainment. The large and well-designed card system is supported by a well-developed number system that supports innovative gameplay. The combination of a slightly competitive mode with extensive game content is rarely available on GameFi “, explained Kame Bae, spokesperson for Era7.

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“Second, the low threshold for gamers to start entering and the extent of game content helps attract players from the traditional gaming space to join, creating a large market space when combined with gamers from blockchain / crypto “.

So that leaves us with the question about, How do you make money on Game of Truth?.

Well, apparently the idea is that there will be a market in which players can buy and sell cards, and the economy will focus on 2 currencies GOT and ERA Token, which can be exchanged for traditional currencies. It is worth mentioning that it also promises that you can earn currency by playing.

“Game of Truth will appeal to both traditional players and those with experience in crypto; it’s about transforming your skills and experience into a valuable asset that can be spent, traded, or saved, beyond the game itself. Like any other sport, GameFi can now represent a lifestyle choice for players to supplement, replace or even increase their income. “Bae said.