It seems that sales of Days Gone are low

It seems that sales of Days Gone are low

Earlier in the week it was revealed that Ghost of tsushima had surpassed eight million units sold, drawing the ire of Jeff Ross, director of Days gone, who claimed that the Bend Studios game had exceeded this number of copies, and was still considered a “failure.” But nevertheless, it seems that the real number behind Days gone is less.

In a recent talk on Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe’s YouTube channel, Ross revealed that estimated sales are between new and 10 million units of Days gone, they could well be higher than thought. The director of this title pointed out that his original comment was based on Gamestat data, a site that collects the number of players of a title, in consideration of the registered trophies of a title. This was what he commented:

“I had access to a lot of telemetry and could see things. When when it was announced that we had 5 million copies, the telemetry data was at 5.8 [millones]. Basically, there are resale or shared discs. I was actually using an external website, I think they’re offline now, but they were using trophy data and it was aligning with our internal telemetry data, so to me it’s like ‘good enough.’

Thus, data shared by Ross takes into account resales, copies loaned by friends and downloads via PlayStation Plus, factors that are not taken when talking about official sales. In other words, the trophies do not represent the number of units sold.

Along with this, Ross pointed out that the “local studio” disappointment he refers to in his original tweet, is not about Sony or PlayStation, but from the directors of Bend Studios. At the end of the day, this new information manages to clear up a couple of doubts, but it still doesn’t eliminate the fact that there are no plans for a sequel to Days gone.

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Editor’s Note:

Once again, the problem with Days gone It wasn’t its sales, which at least exceeded five million units, but its critical performance. Although today the experience is quite stable in its technical section, its launch was accompanied by bugs and glitches that to this day plague the reputation of this studio.

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