After numerous leaks, it seems that the arrival of Naruto Uzumaki to Fortnite it is a reality. The director of this battle royale, Donald mustard, recently chatted with a popular streamer about what’s new for next season, and apparently this ninja will be one of them.

Specific, Mustard talked to him Candywing, and it was here that the streamer confirmed that Naruto would come to Fortnite on the Season 8. Apparently, the character will be part of the Battle pass and it will be accompanied by an additional skin, which so far has not been revealed yet.

Additionally, the well-known filter of Fortnite, ShiinaBR, reiterated this news via Twitter:

CONFIRMED: Naruto will be in the Season 8 Battle Pass.

This had been leaked a long time ago, but was recently confirmed by Donald Mustard in a chat with Candywing. “

Unfortunately, Mustard He did not give additional details about other skins that will come to the game in the future, and he did not give any indication about the theme of the game. Season 8 Except that it would be “the ultimate reality,” whatever that means.


Via: Twitter

It seems that Naruto will be coming to Fortnite soon

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