Is Super Saiyan 5 canon in Dragon Ball?

Is Super Saiyan 5 canon in Dragon Ball?

The ultra instinct is the most recent transformation to have come to the anime of dragon ball officially, and by now, we are all perfectly familiar with its capabilities. However, it seems that this transformation could actually be considered the true form of the Super Saiyan Phase 5something that had never been part of the canon of the franchise.

The transformation of Super Saiyan 5 born in Dragon Ball af, a fan-created story set many years later in the future of the series. once it debuted Super we were able to find out what the official plans were for Akira Toriyama for this saga, and although they did not include a Super Saiyan Phase 5they did include the Ultra Instinct, which shares several similarities with the previously mentioned transformation.

For starters, both transformations change the hair from Goku to white, in addition to offering a level of power well above the usual, but in the process they also take away some control from the user. Basically, the Super Saiyan Phase 5 and the ultra instinct they serve the same purpose, and the only real difference is in their design, but even there there is a similarity. It seems that toriyama was inspired by this fictional transformation for the ultra instinctand we are hardly realizing it.


Publisher’s note: In one of those, we may even see this transformation in the promotional anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which is not canon to the main series. Anything can happen in this anime, so it would be a good opportunity to make Super Saiyan Stage 5 official, even if he doesn’t have the same AF design.

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Is Super Saiyan 5 canon in Dragon Ball?

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