Although the first Spider-Man movie does not focus on the Thanksgiving holiday, some critics call it such.

In 2002, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire surprised us with their Spider-Man proposal: attached to the comic and with the quality of special effects and actors to capture the mass audience. It soon became the favorite of many comic book enthusiasts and one of the most recognized superhero films. However, some critics have wanted to position it as a Thanksgiving movie, which is interesting to comment on.

An example of the above is a note that appeared in Decider in 2019. The text was titled “The case of ‘Spider-Man’ as a Thanksgiving movie”, it is signed by Anna Menta and its premise is very clear: “As a society , we should turn Spider-Man (2002) into a Thanksgiving movie. I realize this is a bold statement, so let me expand on it. “

Later, the same author recalls that most of Spider-Man (2002) does not take place on Thanksgiving, “nor do the characters in the film spend a significant amount of time discussing the true meaning of the holiday. Most of the movie – directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, James Franco, Kirsten Dunst, and Willem Dafoe – is about Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, fighting the Green Goblin, kissing Mary Jane, and other things for the style. However, there is one scene – an excellent, memorable, and tense scene – that takes place on Thanksgiving. “

A dinner with the Goblin

The scene referred to in the aforementioned text takes place after the confrontation between Spider-Man and Green Goblin. Peter Parker “is late for Thanksgiving dinner at the apartment he shares with his best friend, Harry Osborn (Franco). Meanwhile, Norman Osborn, who is secretly the Green Goblin, is barely holding on to his last bit of humanity thanks to the experimental steroids he’s been taking. But Harry wants his father to meet his new girlfriend MJ (Dunst), so Norman shows up for Thanksgiving dinner, along with Peter’s Aunt May (Rosemary Harris). When Norman realizes that Peter is bleeding in the same place where the Goblin cut Spider-Man, he realizes who Peter really is. He excuses himself and leaves, but not before insulting MJ in front of Harry. “

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The author of the article, Anna Menta, is a film critic for Decider, which can be seen by knowing her argumentation in the following lines: “Not only is it a crucial scene that defines the interests of the second half of the film, but also It is also, in my opinion, a scene that speaks of the consecrated tradition of Thanksgiving: introducing your partners to your silly parents … [Considerar Spider-Man como una película de Acción de Gracias] I think it’s an excellent proposition – much better than that ridiculous nonsense that Duro de Matar is a Christmas movie – and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this issue the attention it deserves. “

Would we be willing to lose the best superhero movie?

To the argument of the centrality of the Thanksgiving scene for the development of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and the one that complies with rites such as introducing couples to the family, Anna Menta adds a couple of arguments.

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In the first, he indicates that while there are several TV series with chapters dedicated to Thanksgiving, there are few films on the subject. “There aren’t many classic Thanksgiving movies. There are many classic Thanksgiving television episodes, and there are many classic Christmas movies, which many families watch by default on Thanksgiving. Sure you can think of a few specific Thanksgiving movies… but there are barely enough to make a more or less universally accepted list. For those of us tasked with making Thanksgiving movie lists at this time of year, that makes our job very difficult. Why not add Spider-Man (2002) to the rotation? … “

“Previously, Spider-Man (2002) has been classified primarily as a Spider-Man movie. Some might broaden that scope to call it a superhero movie. While those rankings may be technically correct, we now have at least eight other Spider-Man movies and too many superhero movies for Martin Scorsese to count. Don’t you think we could therefore bear the loss of Spider-Man (2002) from both categories? If we can collectively change our mindset to think of Spider-Man (2002) first and foremost as a Thanksgiving movie, I think we could make both Marvel fans and Martin Scorsese happy. It would be a Thanksgiving miracle. “

Is Spider-Man a Thanksgiving movie?
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Final words before splitting the turkey

Finally, the author adds a couple of details of the scene that frame it in a perfect Thanksgiving celebration with all the bad things that this implies: “Willem Dafoe carves a turkey the same way he does almost everything else – very creepy – and it’s excellent ”…“ ‘Sorry I’m late, I had to hit an old lady with a stick to get these blueberries,’ says Peter when he finally enters. It’s the classic Tobey-Maguire Peter-Parker joke, which is to say, it’s not funny at all, and yet it’s very endearing. With jokes like that, it’s no wonder this is the most memorable scene in the movie, and therefore the scene we should rank it for. (Like Thanksgiving movie) ”.

But if you think that Mint’s argument is not interesting enough, Den of Geek’s David Crow can also clarify the picture, just check: “Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Is a Perfect Thanksgiving Movie.”

Source: Decider

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