During the year there are different dates with which it is sought to recognize the work of health professionals. In fact, every October 16 marks the World Day of the Anesthesiologist, who is fundamental for his valuable work. Although in recent years this area has been blurred because some studies indicate that it is the medical specialty with the highest suicide rate.

Why is this date commemorated?

But before moving forward, the origin of this date must first be mentioned. It was October 16, 1846, when dentist Thomas Morton performed the first public demonstration of ether anesthesia for surgery. From then on, he completely transformed medicine and changed the way surgical interventions are carried out.

Now according to ScienceDirect An anesthesiologist is dedicated to relieving a patient’s pain before, during, and after surgery. To achieve this, you must have a command of anesthesia and the appropriate doses for each type of person. While in recent years his area of ​​work has been extended to other areas such as radiological, hemodynamic and oncological procedures.

Doctors sacrifice their health for that of patients

But in the midst of this panorama there is a worrying figure that must be taken into account. It is medical suicide because it is currently the profession with the highest rate in the world. In the United States alone, it is reported that between 28 and 40 doctors out of 100,000 choose to kill themselves.

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Therefore, the American Physicians Association (AAMC) conducted a study to determine the medical specialties with the highest suicide rates. The results showed that anesthesiologists are in first place, followed by surgeons and in third place are emergency department doctors.

Something important that the study mentions is that professionals who commit suicide usually show the first symptoms from their formative stage in college. The main reasons for ending your life are anxiety, depression, stress and daily pressure.

In that sense, what is mentioned is that pressure and high levels of stress often lead health professionals to make a decision about their existence. On many occasions they develop severe depression and in the end many choose suicide.

On the other hand, in the specific case of anesthesiologists, the knowledge they have about sedatives and drugs is counterproductive. Sometimes they use that information to end your life instantly and with as little pain as possible. They also have the facility to obtain medications that are not available to others. For this reason, it is suspected that it is the medical specialty with the highest suicide rate.

Regardless of the above, we take advantage of this World Anesthesiologist Day to recognize the work of specialists in this area so important in health.