Have you heard that you have to turn and flip the mattress and wonder if you should? Pay attention to what experts say about proper mattress maintenance.

The mattress is one of the factors that most influences the quality of our rest. Being comfortable and having adequate support of our body while we sleep is essential, since otherwise we may have difficulties falling asleep or having awakenings during the night.

For this reason, it is not only important to buy a good mattress, but also to carry out good maintenance. Giving it the necessary care will allow you to keep it in the best possible condition for longer, so it will provide you with a good rest for many years.

Turning the mattress is one of the periodic care recommended by manufacturers. This is because we tend to sleep in the same spot on the bed, whether we sleep alone or as a couple. Turning it prevents the mattress from wearing out in the same areas, so it is advisable to move it with some frequency.

Victoria Wildhorn, Sleep Health Content Specialist, Explain that rotating the mattress helps to distribute the wear evenly. Recommend rotate the mattress 180 degrees every so often to maintain a neutral alignment in the spine and rest better.

But, How often do you have to turn the mattress? To answer this question, it is best to consult the manufacturer’s manual, since the recommendations vary depending on the material and characteristics of the mattress.

As a general guide, sleep consultant Drew Miller notes that memory foam, latex, and spring mattresses should be rotated once or twice a year, while memory foams and hybrids (those that combine springs and foams) can be rotated once every three to six months.

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And what do the experts say about turning the mattress over? This measure is not recommended in all cases. Miller explains that we should not flip memory foam mattresses or hybrids, as they tend to have memory foam on top.

If the mattress is double-sided, memory foam, latex or spring, then it can be turned over, as long as the manufacturer recommends it.

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Aside from rotating and flipping the mattress when convenient, to ensure good maintenance it is also important to clean it properly.

And we must not forget the cleaning of other elements of our bed, such as the pillows or the duvet.