Is it necessary to do aerobic exercise?

Is it necessary to do aerobic exercise?

Normally, when strength training is performed, especially with the aim of losing body fat, long cardio sessions are usually performed in order to increase the oxidation of the fatty acids that we store. Even so, is it necessary to have to do cardio or can it only be done with weights?

Cardiovascular training has a host of health benefits, but that’s not the issue right now. Here we are going to explain its role on fat loss and if it is necessary or not.

To do this, it is also necessary to distinguish between two types of people, based on their body fat percentage. At first typeThere are people who have little body fat, such as men with 10-12% body fat or less and women with 19-21% or less. These people will get tired a lot sooner because they will be more sensitive to negative adaptations to a caloric deficit.

If these people fatigue more than necessary, which is quite likely, if we put in high intensity cardio, their performance in strength training will drop and this will make them more vulnerable to problems such as loss of muscle mass. So it generally makes more sense for low-fat people to engage in long-term, low-intensity physical activity, such as a long walk.

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Even if fewer calories are burned per unit of time, fatigue will be reduced and will be equated with the calories burned, that is, the disadvantage is that the time it takes to burn the same calories increases, but the advantage is that higher levels are achieved. fatigue that in the long run come in handy to make the caloric deficit more tolerable and to avoid, as far as possible, a drop in performance in strength training.

If your body fat percentage is higher, you can introduce cardio into your workouts without any problem., as long as it does not generate excessive fatigue.

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Should you do cardio?

The answer is no. But can it be done? The answer is yes, especially if you have a large percentage of body fat. We also insist that cardio is not only for fat loss, it can improve.

But in the face of losing fat, the important thing is if you do cardio or not, the important thing is that there is a caloric deficit or negative energy balance, that is, you spend more calories than you eat, regardless of whether this occurs due to an increase in physical activity or a calorie cut in your diet.

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Cardio is not strictly necessary, in the same way that it is not strength training, although it is true that the latter, It is a better tool in order to improve body composition and improve health.

Finally, a very common question is whether it is better to achieve a negative balance based on physical exercise or diet, and the answer is that a burned calorie is better than an unconsumed calorie. And there are 3 reasons:

  1. The calories in meals are often accompanied by vitamins and minerals that your body is unable to synthesize on its own, and that are obtained through food.
  2. It is much easier to tolerate a 2,500 kcal hypocaloric diet than a 2,000 kcal one, regardless of whether the caloric deficit is the same in both cases, because the 2,500 kcal will allow you to include a greater volume of food and the feeling of hunger will be less.
  3. Exercise has many benefits for your health, so there is no point in depriving yourself of doing it.

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