Everyone has an opinion on the subject, and they are all correct: casual sex can be fantastic, horrendous or simply insignificant. Either way, you have to take a couple of considerations to decide if it is our thing or not.


Historically, many cultures and religions have stigmatized casual sex, especially when it is women who practice it, and breaking the rule implies derogatory labels that can cause social breaks and alterations in the perception of oneself.
However, over time science has created and improved contraceptive methods and socially, various sexual revolutions have been generated in favor of free love, which has given a greater openness to experimentation. However, that does not mean that traditional beliefs are a thing of the past.
What is correct for you? Ask yourself with all the honesty in the world to save yourself both disappointment and repression. Remember that there are no wrong answers, and you don’t have to give in to pressure if you don’t really live with their reasons.

The good and bad

Regardless of our beliefs, one thing must be understood: casual sex is not all bad or all good; it all depends on the particular situation. It can have benefits such as sexual satisfaction, feeling attractive, or even, if we want to look cheesy, it can be the beginning of a relationship.
The bad thing, on the other hand, is that it can cause guilt, regret, attachments, insatiability or a clash of beliefs, if you did not give yourself the task of analyzing yourself according to the previous point. To these are added safety and health factors, such as sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies or even being exposed to some type of sexual abuse or assault.
The thing to think about here is: are you willing to deal with the things that could go wrong?

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Mental health

There are people who are very good at separating the feelings from the carnal. Others become obsessed with every person who talks nice to them and keeping sex casual becomes a challenge to feelings. What category are you in?
Casual sex can cause regret, desire for something more, dissatisfaction, or even a commitment to non-commitment so great that we refuse to see the potential for a more meaningful relationship.

Sometimes there is even a power dynamic in which one person wants more and the other keeps things too casual. This is dangerous for the first person, as it generates problems of self-esteem, anxiety, stress and even depression.