IPhones have more market share in the United States thanks to their users

IPhones have more market share in the United States thanks to their users

The loyalty that Apple products achieve when people bet on them is evident. Once they test some devices, they don’t usually switch to another platform or system. This is what happens with iPhone and its market share, which is growing in the United States thanks to its users.

This is what a study carried out by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). This institution has compared the market shares between Apple and Android terminals in the North American country. It seems that those of Cupertino They win slightly, but both systems are reaching an equality never seen before. As you have already seen in the article of this news, users have had a lot to do with this situation.

IPhones have increasing market share in the United States

According to this study, both iOS and Android represent more than 50% in the activation of new smartphones during the second quarter of 2021, which speaks volumes about the dominance of both platforms in the US market.

This, surprisingly enough, is great news for Apple. It turns out that, in recent years, Android has been ahead in the activation of new mobiles, ensuring over 60% quota in that sense. A trend that, unlike Apple, has been declining so that iOS occupies more than 40% that it has had years ago.

Even during the same 2021 there have been differences in the United States, but in the second quarter of the year the gap has closed and both systems have equalized forces. This sudden approach in the market share of the iPhone has a single reason, without the company having made new launches or discounts on its devices this year.

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IPhone market share chart United States

This change is due solely and exclusively to users who have trusted Apple. It is a theory that has confirmed Mike levin, CIRP co-founder: “Loyalty and change help explain the change in trend in new mobile activations. In the last quarter, Apple had a loyalty advantage, with a 93% of users switching from one iPhone to another, without switching to Android and compared to the 88% who stayed on the Google platform. In recent years, iOS has gained 5 points in user loyalty, while Android has remained stable. »

This is what is reflected in the graph provided by CIRP, which shows the mobile activations of both platforms during the last 5 years. Some data that has applauded Tim cook, CEO of Apple, who has indicated some of the reasons for this change. One of the most important is the arrival of new functions to facilitate the change from Android to iPhone and the corresponding data migration.