For the past few weeks, there has been a somewhat awkward rumor surrounding Apple and its inevitable iPhone 12.

Where it is assured that the company would be looking to lower its expenses at all costs due to the consequences of the current global crisis and contingency.

So iPhone 12 would sell without headphones and without the charger brick; including only the Lightning to USB-C cable to connect it.

At this point the rumor is almost a fact and to reinforce this theory a series of photographs have emerged showing a new type of braided cable:

iPhone 12 would come with a new type of braided USB-C cable

In the images, we can see black and white versions of the cable. The shortest white version is the one that in theory would come as a gift in the iPhone 12 case.

Apple fans know perfectly well that this is not the first time that the company has used this type of cable. Since the Mac Pro 2019 already comes with a black braided Lightning to USB-C cable.

So the possibility that they will be integrated for the iPhone 12 and future models of the iMac Pro is absolutely tangible.

Braided Lightning cables would actually be more durable, which for some will justify removing the gift charger.

It is a recurring scenario that Apple’s current cables end up destroyed after a few months or years of use. So this change is positive.

But for others, it is still unfair the move to remove the charger which is, in any way, necessary.