iOS 15 brings with it a lot of new features that are visible to the naked eye, but also small quality changes that do not make up the big announcements. Even more important than the new features.

In this sense, the iOS 15 update system section also includes numerous changes. And even though the company force to to install iOS and maintain iOS 14, it also brings novelties for those who upgrade.

Starting with iOS 15, you can update the system even if you don’t have space on the iPhone. Or rather, even if you have very little space. The latest beta of iOS 15 includes a function to lighten the demands when updating.

And it is that, as we mentioned yesterday, the last beta of iOS that arrived on July 14 to the developers brought changes in some system apps, like Safari. But also weight changes in the management of the system.

From this beta, and in the future when it is available to everyone in the fall and later, iOS 15 will allow to update the system although only have 500 Mb of available storage. This comes to solve one of the most important problems of users with low capacity on their iPhones.

With iOS 15 no more problems when updating

Until now, if you did not have enough space in the terminal to download an update, iOS forced you to free up space. And do it for a size that was close to the total of the available update. This made the 16GB terminals unable to update, at least not without fully restoring the device.

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With the latest beta of iOS 15 these problems will be history, since if you do not have space on the iPhone with uninstalling (not deleting) a couple of apps from the terminal you can update. Later, by re-downloading the apps (keeping documents) you will have everything in place again.

It may seem like a minor change at first glance, but the truth is that it is a giant step that will undoubtedly reward more users having their terminal updated even if the available space is reduced. In addition, for some time now, 16GB terminals are history, and it is not a situation that occurs so often.