Investments in renewable energy for Bitcoin mining increase

Investments in renewable energy for Bitcoin mining increase

This week in El Salvador, it was announced through Twitter that in Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango, the northern region of the country It began with the construction of a photovoltaic plant aimed at increasing the nation’s energy matrix with which it is expected to develop activities related to innovation, mainly bitcoin mining.

Cecilia Rivera, Deputy of the Central American Parliamentexplained the details on his Twitter account mentioning that bitcoiners Max Keiser, and Stacy Herbert would be the investors of such a project, contributing an investment of 200 million dollars. Also, the deputy commented that It would begin with Phase 1 of the development of the project, which consists of the construction of energy generators in mini-hydros and would have a value of 15 million dollars.

It should be noted that according to the announcements, this would be the first investment of this type and scope in the area, The project would be called ‘Anchor I’ and will have an installed capacity of 6MW, according to Milena Mayorga, El Salvador’s ambassador to the United States.

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