Offering a quality service is one of the obligations that all health professionals have. By doing so, they also create the right conditions with patients for a long-term relationship. Although it is not always achieved and that can lead to complaints about poor medical care. When that happens it affects not only a doctor but the institutions they represent.

Although it is a situation to which anyone is exposed, there are some institutions that stand out in this area because they are the ones that accumulate the most complaints against them.

Where are there more complaints?

In this regard, the portal Emeequis shared a list with the institutions that have more complaints related to poor medical care in our country. These are all the complaints that were presented to the National Commission of Medical Arbitration (Conamed).

Something important that is clarified is that only those related to Covid-19 were taken into account. It is also contemplated from March 18, 2020 to the present because it was the date on which the first death from this disease occurred in Mexico.

  • IMSS – 42
  • Private hospitals – 12
  • ISSSTE – 11
  • Pemex – 5
  • Private doctors’ offices – 5

A total of 84 complaints of this type have been covered. Although one is double because it is shared by the IMSS and ISSSTE due to the denial of services.

Have patients been denied service at the IMSS?

Now, something that the director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, has presumed is that during the pandemic patients have not been rejected. In addition, thanks to hospital reconversion and national strategies, infected non-beneficiaries have also been treated. While this report seems to contradict the official version.

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For its part, within the specific reasons for each of the complaints of poor medical care are the following:

  • Inappropriate treatment – 42
  • Deferral – 31
  • Denial of Service – 6
  • Lack of immediate attention – 3
  • Aftermath – 2

Similarly, the enormous difference that exists between the IMSS that occupies the first place and the other institutions is striking. But something that must be recognized is that Social Security represents the foundation of public health in our country. Every day it serves thousands of affiliates and that represents a huge workload.