Instagram joins Twitter and now integrates paid subscriptions | Technology

Instagram joins Twitter and now integrates paid subscriptions |  Technology

Now it will be possible to pay a subscription to content creators on Instagram to have different benefits and, most importantly, help the person to live on social networks.

Over the last few years we have seen the rise of public figures on social media. These people amass a large number of followers and, many of them, live by being a public figure within these platforms.

Having people of this caliber has made the different social networks look for ways to support these content creators and, of course, generate a benefit for the social network.

We have seen a few months ago the attempt of Twitter. And, it is that, the blue bird network launched a way to support the personalities of its platform. Users who wanted to could tip these people as a sign of appreciation for their ingenuity.

Instagram is now added to Twitter’s proposal, although it does so in a very similar way to Patreon. On Facebook’s photo and video platform, now known as Meta, users will be able to subscribe to their favorite profiles.

The way Instagram will introduce subscriptions is pretty clear: people who pay content creators will have access to special content. In fact, the most interesting thing will be the way in which the application adapts.

And, it is that, from what has been seen in the Instagram statement, content creators will be able to publish stories and make live broadcasts only for users who have subscribed to their content.

There will also be medals or awards for these users, although this seems to have much more utility for the content creator. The badges will appear next to the user’s name in the comments and will thus be easily identifiable.

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Instagram subscriptions are not available to all users yet. The plan of the social network is start with a small handful of US content creators and then go jumping to different countries.

If you post regularly on Instagram, especially if it is content that you have to prepare beforehand, you should schedule it. We are going to show you how to schedule a photo on Instagram, for free, step by step.

And, is that, Instagram subscriptions are still a test. We will have to be attentive to see how this proposal progresses on the part of the social network, it is most likely that if it goes well it will not take long to apply it at a general level.

Now we will have to wait to see how the rest of the social networks move and if they will try to follow the instagram subscription model or they will bet on tips like Twitter does. Time is the only one that will have the answer to this social media situation.