Instagram just announced that all users can use one of their stickers (stickers) from today to share links in stories. The social network has been testing in this regard since June, when it greatly democratized the service.

Previously, to share links you used the “swipe up“(swipe up “), but it was a feature that required 10,000 followers. From today all users can benefit from more openness with which to publicize a website or account on another social network.

How to use

Although the feature is rolling out to all users, it still does not appear to us. Even so, the company has explained that the only thing that will be necessary is to select the link sticker, and that after that, you will only have to write the destination address.

In the absence of trying it, there are still things we don’t know. For example, we do not know if Instagram will censor certain content in any way, or if, for example, a web address that we have previously copied can be pasted. We will have to test to know the casuistry of the new function.

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In any case, it is surprising that Instagram has brought to all users the possibility of sharing links in stories, which today are the “hottest” point of the app. at the same time as in the feed never allowed, forcing many users to resort to the famous “bio link”.

Via | TechCrunch