Inspiration for a refreshing and colorful spring table

Inspiration for a refreshing and colorful spring table

With the arrival of good weather want to put nice tables to enjoy lunch and dinner either inside the house, or on terraces and gardens. Because in addition to eating well, we also like to set tables in detail both to receive guests, and to make an evening special even if we are alone at home.

But setting the beautiful table is an art. The protocol, the design of the decoration, mix the colors correctly, choose the crockery, the table linen… Elements that must be combined to create a striking table, and comfortable at the same time.

To inspire us when it comes to setting a beautiful table, today we have set our deco goal on this beautiful spring table that the interior designer Raúl Martins has set for the Vista Alegre porcelain, crystal and glass brand. The table, full of flowers and fruits, to give that natural touch to the table, has a fantastic and refreshing color scheme.

To set up this table, set up in Knight Frank’s new residential project, the Teatro Gran Vía building, the interior designer has opted for tableware that stands out for its pleasant tones and the sophisticated touch it provides: the Vista Alegre Treasures collection.


Raúl Martins has performed a bass cymbal mix & match in green and flat plate from the Herbariae by Christian Lacroix Maison collection and pieces from the recently launched Treasures collection. This collection is the latest novelty presented by Vista Alegre, and has been designed by the artist multifaceted Brunno Jahara.

To design this tableware with floral motifs, Jahara has been inspired by the geometric shapes of banknotes and coins from various countries and illustrations and palettes most used colors.

Vista Alegre Cups

To enhance the color of the crockery, the interior designer has chosen tablecloths with a green thread trim, in order to achieve an “optimistic table full of colour”, explained Martins.

To decorate the table, the interior designer has chosen to go beyond the usual by placing the flowers in the salad bowls of this collection, thus demonstrating that any element can be reconverted and used for a different purpose than that for which it was created.

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“I have made a display of flowers and fruits all in green and orange to enhance the color of the Treasures tableware as the protagonist. Also, as the house is very calm in colour, very white and serene, a very spring-like table is perfect , since it causes a very impressive effect and gives a lot of color to the house, which is very elegant but calm”Martins declares.

The cutlery chosen was Dome Handle Mattgold; and the glassware, the most iconic glasses of Vista Alegre, the Bicos Green for red wine and Two-tone Bicos with the top in amber tone.

table 4

“The concept of the house and the table are a bit discordant in some way, but the terrace is very beautiful, so this combination of absence of color works very well to enhance the color of the table with the Treasures by Brunno tableware Jahara and Herbarie by Christian Lacroix, as well as the Bicos glasses in amber and green.the interior designer pointed out.

spring table

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has inspired us

Bicos white wine glass in green. Pack of 4. Price: 86.12 euros.

Bicos - White Wine Glass (Green, 4)

Bicos – White Wine Glass (Green, 4)

Vista Alegre transparent white wine glass. Price: before 8 eurosNow after applying a 50% discount, it costs 4 euros.

Transparent Bicos Cup

Vista Alegre transparent flute glass. Price: before 9.25 euros, now, after applying a 50% discount, 4.60 euros.

Vista Alegre transparent flute glass

Vista Alegre transparent flute glass

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Treasures is the new Vista Alegre collection: It is cheerful, colorful, and has been designed by Brunno Jahara