.- Senator Margaret Valdez presented the initiative to update the General law of health in order to regulate trans fats in Mexico. If approved, it will help reduce heart disease and other non-communicable diseases caused by excessive consumption of these fats.

This proposal has been joined by 14 senators and senators from various political parties, such as Patricia Mercado Castror, Nancy sanchez arredondo and Cesar Cravioto, and members of civil society, including the teacher Yahaira Ochoa Ortiz, from Salud Justa Mx, and Juan Nunez Guadarrama, from the Coalition México Salud-Hable.

Juan Núñez pointed out that this update would end a hundred years of use of trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils that benefit their manufacturers, but harm those who consume them.

Patricia Mercado, from Movimiento Ciudadano, declared that the pandemic has taught us that health is the most important thing. For this reason, the State must regulate the market so that it benefits the economy, but, above all, to guarantee the right to health of Mexicans.

Senator Nancy Sánchez Arredondo pointed out that this initiative aims to improve the conditions of Mexicans, for this reason, it is important to inform society about what they eat.

For her part, teacher Yahaira Ochoa, representative of Salud Justa Mx, reported that 58 countries have already legislated against the use of trans fatsThanks to this, this year the health of 3.2 billion people will be protected. However, 15 countries, including Mexico, which account for 75% of deaths from trans fat consumption, have not implemented public policies against these components.

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Trans fats are unsaturated fatty acids created industrially by converting liquid oil into solid fat. With them, the products are prevented from being torn off and the products last for a long time in the displays, in supermarkets and convenience stores. However, they are one of the main causes of illness and death among Mexicans; For 15 years, heart diseases related to these fats have been the leading cause of death in our country.