Inflation forces users to reduce their spending on connectivity

Inflation forces users to reduce their spending on connectivity

According to the Study on the Habits of Internet Users in Mexico 2022 of the Internet Association, 97% of fixed internet users spend an average of 401.7 pesos per month in this service, while 74.4% of Internet users who connect through mobile networks they pay on average 176 pesos.

This trend, says Gonzalo Rojon, vice president of research for the Association, may change due to the reduction in spending that consumers are having to pay for the basic basket, especially the population that has less purchasing power.

Although it does not consider that users cancel their telecommunications services, they will make adjustments to their packages; that is, in the case of the internet they will opt for fewer megabytes; Regarding restricted television, they will also seek to change to a package of fewer channels for a lower cost, and recharges will reduce their subscription frequency as well as their amount.

“Inflation affects the lowest socioeconomic levels much more, so that is where there may be a greater propensity for a readjustment in the basket and in telecommunications services such as broadband,” he comments.

According to Inegi data, as of May this year the average internet price was 113.28 pesoswhile internet, telephony and pay television packages cost 88.20 pesos, with increases that are below inflation due to the fact that telecommunications operators adjust their prices almost below the indicator.

Users recharge less

One of the most notorious changes in consumption in connectivity services has been recharging. In the first third of the year, the owners of the 109.6 million active prepaid lines they spent an average of 87 pesos to recharge, while in the fourth quarter of 2021, the average amount was 89 pesos, according to data from The Ciu.

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“We must remember that we come from a period of pandemic from which we have not managed to get out and we have seen how connectivity consumption has been adjusted, especially in the part of recharges, in which the amount and frequency in the one that do it, before they recharged 50 pesos every 15 days and now they better go down to 20 pesos every 20 days”, explains Rojon.