Infinity War has spawned one of Marvel’s biggest holes

Infinity War has spawned one of Marvel’s biggest holes

The mighty Infinity Stones, whose origin was explained to us, have starred in many of the most impressive and epic events from Marvel comics, such as the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War and even Adam Warlock and the infinity watch. However, his appearance in one of these adventures generated sequels which left an important hole.

This hole generated by the use of the Infinity Stones has to do with the consequences of it being used by Magus, an evil version of Adam Warlock. Next, we tell you all the details, which have to do with Infinity War comic #6.

What is the hole that Infinity War created?

Eternity appeared to the Infinity Watch to ban the use of the Infinity Stones.

Whoever has in his possession the 6 Infinity Stones, will be omnipotent. This is the basic premise that shows us the terrible danger that these cosmic objects represent- One of their main users has been Thanos, who was looking for them, but not for the reasons that everyone believes. And to prevent its misuse, Adam Warlock and the infinity watch they work together as defensive measures.

However, after our heroes manage to defeat Magus in the events of the Infinity War comic #6, it is revealed to us that he never gained absolute powerWell, Thanos had the Reality Stone with him.

When our characters had stopped the Magus threat and were inside the Infinity Watch, they receive an unexpected visit from one of the most powerful cosmic beings in Marvel comics: eternity or The eternity. This entity is located only below the Living Tribunal and The-One-Above-All on the power scale.

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The appearance of this entity intended to ban the use of the Infinity Stones altogetherno matter the situation or the problem, since these can cause a lot of destruction, as we saw in previous events.

The hole we experience is that, Despite this prohibition and warning from this cosmic supreme being, the Marvel characters ignored him. and they did not give importance to his words, as we saw in later deliveries.

Eternity ban was ignored by Marvel characters

Iron Man has used the Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones without consequences despite the verdict of Eternity

Iron Man has used the Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones without consequences despite the verdict of Eternity

Although The eternity is one of the most important beings in the multiverse, his words were ignored by the Marvel characterswhich continued to use the Infinity Stones, as we saw in the New Avengers: Illuminati comic #2created by Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Cheung and Brian Reed.

However, one hero who did try to do the right thing and get rid of the Gauntlet was Reed Richards, showing us that the Gems no longer worked after the words of The Eternity. But later, Uatu, the Watcher, would confirm that they continue to function despite this.

Later, in the Avengers comic #12created by John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson, Tony Stark gathered all the Gems and, through the Gauntlet, used their power without any consequences.. And this was not the only case, since in comics like Secret Warsthey were protagonists again.

All this leads us to think that, despite the authority that represents The eternity and the power of this being, his verdict was totally ignored and no consequences have occurred for this, creating a big hole in the stories of Marvel.

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