Mix and match of materials

The traditional – and now obsolete – rules of jewelry and watches restricted us from combining different materials. That is, the gold watch with accessories of the same color. Now, we can mix metal hues, which makes our favorite watch a perfect match with the rest of the jewelry we wear on our arms and gives our accessory collections greater versatility.

Formal watches during the day

Another of the somewhat forgotten rules told us that metal watches were exclusively for the night. However, today we can use any format during the day, as long as the outfit reaffirms the aesthetics of the watch. Leather strap watches are perfect for both day and night wear, although dark straps tie more at night. The day gives us greater versatility. But in the end, it depends a lot on your personal style and your preferred color palette.

The watch as the focal point of the outfit

Many times the watch only occupies the leading role on the arm. Now, we can combine it with other accessories without these intervening in the formality of the watch. For example, pairing the watch with matching rings and contrasting bracelets is a good combo to play with.