The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, stated that, between 2020 and 2021, a total of 532 million 700 thousand pesos in medical infrastructure in Zacatecas. This investment, the process of hiring personnel and the supply of medicines are the fundamental axes to achieve the transformation of the health system in the entity.

By participating in the presentation of the Zacatecas Support Plan, headed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and before members of the legal and expanded cabinet, as well as the governor David Monreal Avila, the Secretary of Health explained that infrastructure includes the Rescue of the Women’s Hospital of Fresnillo with an investment of 347 million 200 thousand pesos in 2020, and a total of 185 million 500 thousand pesos in the maintenance program of 110 health centers during 2021.

He explained that the Fresnillo Women’s Hospital is 100% equipped, benefiting 235 thousand 495 inhabitants. Of the 347 million 200 thousand pesos that were invested, 246.3 million were in work and 100.9 million in equipment. The unit has 45 inpatient beds, 7 consulting rooms, expulsion rooms, intensive care for adults and neonatals, a laboratory for clinical analysis, X-rays and surgical rooms. This hospital is built on an area of ​​34 thousand 807 square meters. The work began in 2016 and ended in 2019.

Regarding the distribution of medicines to the entity, he reported that to this day one million 312 thousand 199 pieces have been delivered, of 9 million 358 thousand 542 requested in supply orders, and another 22 thousand 279 are in transit.

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Alcocer Varela indicated that in Zacatecas there are five regional hospitals and 50 of 54 municipalities have medical infrastructure, such as rural hospitals, health brigades, rural medical units and mobile medical units to care for people who live in municipalities with indigenous or indigenous populations. difficult to access.

Likewise, 68% of the state’s population is covered by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), which includes the ordinary regime and IMSS-Bienestar, and the rest by the Ministry of Health.

He announced that the care provided by IMSS-Bienestar will be complemented by the state health infrastructure, which includes a third-level unit, 4 general hospitals and 11 community hospitals, in addition to health centers.

Referring to the human resources axis, Alcocer Varela pointed out that there is the hiring process of about 8 thousand workers, in different disciplines and types of hiring, such as federalized, regularized or by contract, to work in health centers and hospitals .

The event, on the part of the Health sector, was attended by the heads of the Institute of Health for Well-being (Insabi), Juan Antonio Ferrer Aguilar, and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo Aburto.