In the third wave of infections by COVID-19 that is registered in various states of the country, the lethality of the virus is barely 2% compared to the first wave where this rate reached 22%, reported Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion.

“When we had the peak of the first wave, the probability was 22% for people suffering from COVID-19, be careful, it does not mean that 22% of Mexicans died, of course.

“In the second wave, the probability of dying from COVID-19 was half, 11%, at this time it is less than 2%. This is what is happening with the epidemic, we continue to vaccinate ”, explained López-Gatell at a press conference.

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The official acknowledged that although more infections are registered at this stage, the probability that COVID-19 patients experience serious cases that require hospitalization have been substantially reduced.

He explained that if the figures are compared with July 2020, today there are 37% more infections, however, compared to January of this year, there are 34% fewer cases.

Regarding the mortality associated with the coronavirus, López-Gatell explained that it is currently 77% lower, that is, when 5 thousand 719 deaths were estimated, compared to the first wave and 87% lower compared to the second impact, where 9 thousand died 913 people.

In that sense, he estimated that the mortality rate in Mexico was considerably reduced thanks to the fact that 48% of the population is vaccinated, however, he called for the entire population to participate in the inoculation days.

“Which is the reason? The vaccine. Older people have already been vaccinated. People with the highest risk have already been vaccinated several months ago ”, he stated.

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