As we have already indicated, OneDrive will work natively with the ARM architecture on Windows and Mac. This is great news for enjoy much better performance versus emulations and other methods that don’t work as well as a native version.

Microsoft announced this during Ignite 2021 and is already finalizing its launch as we have seen in MSPU. The people of OneDrive have not wanted to postpone it any longer and as you will see in the screenshots that we leave you, mention is already made of the ARM64 versions.

OneDrive goes to ARM

The announcement during the Ignite was very straightforward. In it, the OneDrive team announced that they were delighted to announce this new compatibility on Windows and Mac devices. In this announcement they already indicated that a launch was planned later this year and, they have more than fulfilled it.

The same goes for the Apple M1 processor. A version is available for Insiders who own a MacBook with this processor. Of course, they placed the final version at the beginning of the year 2022. We will see if they advance their launch or if they continue to maintain their conservative bet.

At the moment, Microsoft has announced some details of rolling out an ARM client preview to devices on the current channel (preview). After the preview of the current channel (preview), it will be released for general availability.

As he windows ARM client As the Apple Silicon client They will go live on the current channel (preview) in early December and are expected to complete rollout in mid-December. Standard users will start receiving the update between the end of January and the middle of February.

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To enable preview, you must join the current channel (preview) and have enabled preview in OneDrive Settings> About. Users can also opt out in OneDrive Settings> About. The functionality of the clients is the same, but the ARM client may work better.