Cancer has been present in humanity for thousands of years although today it shows its true impact. Only in the case of Mexico causes 191 thousand cases and 84 thousand deaths each year. While in the case of those who manage to overcome the disease, not everything is happiness because sometimes they are left with sequelae or require various types of support. It is precisely for this type of case that we now have a new strategy called “El Bazar de Ringo”.

What does it consist of?

In the offices of the Volunteering of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) this initiative that seeks to help eligible women who require support for artisanal breast prostheses, cancer bras and lymphedema sleeves.

Similarly, it is a program that also focuses on children with cancer by offering wheelchairs, walkers, prosthetics and other useful products for minors.

For its part, according to the Cancer Survivor Registry in Mexico, 97 percent of the survivors of this disease develop sequelae. Although in some cases they are minimal, in others they are of high impact and generate a noticeable decrease in their quality of life.

The most frequent were fatigue, bone pain and neuropathy, conditions that can last up to five years after the disease has been treated.

In turn, 95.85 percent suffer from emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. In contrast, 82.72 percent present sexual problems such as lack of desire and rejection from their partner.

Therefore, the director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, invited the members of the Volunteer to maintain a close bond and work on a joint agenda to address shared concerns.

He also recognized the altruistic work they have shown by always being ready and ready to offer their hand to all people and understand life as a way of sharing.

He also said that “El Bazar de Ringo” has the purpose of raising funds to promote the social programs of Volunteering, the delivery of handmade breast prostheses that the “Soy Rosa IMSS” program gives to thousands of women for free.}

Where it is located?

Finally, if you have patients for whom it may be useful, the information indicates that “El Bazar de Ringo” is located at the IMSS Volunteer offices at the Centro Médico Nacional (CMN) Siglo XXI in Mexico City. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and also offers clothes, bags, toys, books, typical sweets, handicrafts and personal hygiene items.