If in Season 7 of Fortnite the customizable skin was Kymera’s, in the Season 8 It is that of Tuna, and it is made with Rainbow Ink. Basically, we can customize the skin in a thousand different ways, and to do so you will need to get ink in different ways.

Getting the ink has its crumb, and there are two ways to get them: with chests or with a series of boats scattered throughout the island. If you don’t feel like wandering around the map, here you will find a handful of tips to get hold of styles of this skin.

Rainbow Ink in Fortnite: how to get it

To get the rainbow ink drops, the only thing you can do is open chests. They don’t have to be special chests or anything similar: you can try your luck until you find this collectible. If you want to “farm”, your best option is to go to areas that you know have a high concentration of chests to try your luck.

These inks are exchanged for styles at the box office, so you will have to get ENOUGH if you want to unlock them all.

The Rainbow Ink Pots They are another matter, and they are scattered around the map. If you don’t want to spin more than a spinning top, here’s a Map with ALL the boats there are so far.

Map Paint Boats Season 8 Fortnite

The exact location of the boats is the next:

  • West of Placentero Park, in the Corrupted Zone Wind Tunnel.
  • At Coral Castle (it is in view).
  • Northwest of Costa Believer, in the fort.
  • In the wind tunnel in the Corrupted Zone south of Believer Coast.
  • In Citadel Skull (it is in sight).
  • North of Commerce City in the Corrupted Zone.
  • In the snowy mountains south of Campo Calígine.
  • On top of a container in Rincón Rencoroso.
  • On a roof in Campo Calígine.
  • Inside Laguna Lodosa, in the northeast part (near a pipe).
  • Falling down the waterfall northwest of Sleeping Pools.
  • On the Alameda Afligida bridge.
  • South of Setos Sagrados, in one of the huts near the beach.
  • West of Laguna Lodosa, past the corrupted zone.
  • In a wind tunnel in the corrupted area south of Grimy Docks.
  • On top of one of the Angry Accumulations reactors.
  • Near a corn plantation in Cultivos Corrientes.
  • Inside Ciudad Comercio, in the easternmost building.
  • North of Parque Placentero, inside the fort.
  • On the farm north of Cultivos Corrientes, under a roof.
  • At the lighthouse, on the islet north of Castillo Coral.