One of the most important reasons why the industry must continue to update its digital strategies is because of the reach that the health professional now has, with all the existing tools to be connected with their patient and the industry in general.

What has changed?

We have definitely seen that connection habits have increased, but lowered to numbers we can realize that, now, health professionals in Mexico show a more intensive use of the internet and digital media compared to the Mexican population in general, since many of the channels are now his support instrument in professional practice, managing to keep abreast of all the technological and scientific advances both in general medicine and in his specialty.

And it is that the use of technology is no longer optional for those of us who belong to the pharmaceutical industry.

What is the responsibility of the industry in relation to the digital environment?

For all those involved in the health issue, knowing the doctor and the patient is essential, especially because being up-to-date is how we manage to cover the needs they have and with this we can:

  • Know what expectations exist.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses to work on them.

Currently the doctor searches, collects and compares information on medications, dosage and / or laboratories through different platforms and all this information provided is already an essential part of his daily practice.

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Impact of medical digitization in the health sector

The whole experience of the PHC is changing thanks to the fact that the patient is making progress in the use of the internet, especially to review and consult health information.

What differences are there today?

The first thing is that, although the face-to-face medical visit is still important, it is a fact that having digital channels offers many possibilities to create, deepen and initiate the relationship with health professionals.

For a long time it has been said that sometimes you do not have enough time to search the internet, but the reality is that the immediate availability of information makes the web visit the main source of information for all types of doctors.

Finally, it has been said that doctors over 45 do not know (or do not know well) how to handle digital media. However, now the penetration of Internet use is 90% for doctors over 50 years of age, without taking credit from young people, who today are a key piece that also permeates training for the elderly.

We are definitely more advanced than we think, that is why we should not doubt the ability of young people or adults, because the opportunity to grow in the digital environment is so great, with all the tools that we have at our disposal, the Information is already available to everyone with very simple steps, as it is already a fundamental part and in the life of each doctor and patient.


Héctor Salinas is a graduate of CECC Pedregal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising. He has more than 10 years of experience in the pharma industry for the development of campaigns and special projects for the main pharmaceutical companies worldwide. He is currently CEO of Sistemas Integrales, a leading agency in the pharmaceutical industry with products and brands that have leaders in the health market.