The 50th and final publication of Immortal hulk promises a “80 page crescendo” to end the roll of Al Ewing and Joe Bennett.

On October 13, Immortal hulk From the writer Al Ewing and the artist Joe bennett, reaches its grand finale in a giant 50th issue. Wrapped with a cover art created by the legendary artist, Alex Ross. It promises a climactic ending to the episode in the Green Goliath story.

The end of the most acclaimed comic book run in recent history is coming this October, published Marvel Comics in its official premiere. Explain what “Immortal hulk #fifty it’s going to have a revolutionary conclusion for the years of growth, mystery and the addition of gamma power to the Hulk mythology.

Over the past 49 years, the creative team has taken the iconic Marvel hero to places no creator has dared to go – through the Green Gate and beyond!, keep going Marvel. Now, they say goodbye to the Green Goliath after having redefined the character, with an exploration of gender. Both his powerful alter – ego and his humanity.

The climax of everything we have done in Immortal Hulk # 50, an 80-page crescendo that spans a century and contains the answers to some of the great questions of the spread “Ewing said. “This is how it all ends – and we think the wait is worth it. ”

A continuation of the original title of the Incredible Hulk with a supernatural twist, Immortal hulk was originally released in June 2018. Following its conclusion next October, Marvel will relaunch The title of Hulk with a new # 1 issue in November. Screenwriter Donny Gates (Venom, Crossover), artist Ryan Ottley (Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible) and colourist Frank Martin (Wolverine, King in Black), will take the reins of Banner’s adventures.

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