Iman Vellani wanted more of Iron Man in Ms. Marvel

Iman Vellani wanted more of Iron Man in Ms. Marvel

We are very close to the next brand new series of Marvel, Ms Marvelwhich will be transmitted by Disney+where its protagonist is Iman Vellaniwho is openly a great admirer of the marvel universebut especially of Hombre de Hierrothe girl, has recently made a series of statements that she would like to see much more of her favorite superhero in the series of Marvelbut that he will not have as many cameos about him as he would like.

You see, this Disney + series will be the beginning of the first great performance of Iman Vellanias well as the live action presentation of kamala khan / Ms Marvelthe Pakistani heroine from Jersey, who will be part of a new bloc within the cinematic universe of Marvelwhich can really be intimidating, but Vellani he doesn’t seem to be affected by the pressure that comes from joining a billion dollar franchise, rather, he seems to be focused on his fanaticism for Hombre de Hierroto such an extent that it almost surpasses it, since the actress wanted to include several cameos from Hombre de Hierro in Ms Marvel.

“I’m a big, big Iron Man fan. I know Kamala is more of a Captain Marvel, but I was asking for more Iron Man references there. Like, ‘I think she needs an Iron Man action figure, more Iron Man,’ and There was a point where we got to too much Iron Man, that was Kevin’s note!”I declare Iman Vellaniduring a recent interview.

After discovering that he won the role of Ms Marvel by the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feig, Vellani revealed that he saw again Hombre de Hierro 2008 to prepare mentally, and that seeing again Hombre de Hierro was a recurring event whenever the actress reached a milestone while filming the series of Ms Marvel.

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“The first thing I did when I got cast was rewatch Iron Man. It’s like my comfort movie.”revealed. “Any great achievement that we have on the show, whether it’s filming the scene where Kamala gets her costume or her powers, I would watch Iron Man. It was my reminder that this character exists in the same universe as Tony Stark, which was just the coolest thing in the world to me.

To be the first Pakistani hero in the MCU it’s a big problem, but Vellani talked about how Kamala has a wonderful support system by her side, referring to family and friends of Kamala, Bruno Y Nakia: “Being the first of something is very scary, but the MCU hasn’t seen a character like this before,” Vellani added. “With Kamala and myself, we have a wonderful support system. Her family is her rock and her friends Bruno (Matt Lintz) and Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) on the show are the people she goes to where she can be herself and where she can be. can get her trust. To me, they’re also my family and my friends and I think it’s really amazing to ultimately see her become a badass superhero.”