Naruto is one of the most famous anime series on the entire planet, so it has countless versions made by fans and all kinds of illustrations. What is a surprise is that current 2D animes, with a style more soft and some lines not so marked by black, it would be an incentive for this fan of Reddit to draw the following pictures.

This anime of 220 chapters in its first part, Naruto, and 500 in his second, Naruto shippuden, is the reference anime in the sector. Over time he has made a difference and has positioned himself as one of the best shonen created. Thanks to their great influence in this world, they have created multiple versions of the series, but this is the most endearing.

Well, as we have commented on this user of Reddit decided to give it a most current appearance to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, among others. The characters change their traditional style for a more realistic one, the shadows on the face, the facial expression and even the shape of the head change to give it a more realistic look. Even so, the amalgam of colors oscillates between dark and pastel tones, which gives these a rough characteristic to the features of the face.

Another aspect that this fan wanted to give the protagonist of the saga is a kind of Shin-chan ninja style. Continuing with the color tuning of the other images, now the Hokage from Village Hidden Among the Leaves It has a more aged look, looking adorable and moving away from any resemblance to the initial appearance.

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Naruto, sweeter than ever

It is true that these styles can be seen in some scenes of the series, as in the most humorous sequences in which the characters are infantilized or in those that contain more seriousness and are denoted a more robust appearance. We have seen how Sasuke can be as an adult, Naruto as a villain and, in addition, in the anime they have shown us the face of Kakashi.

It should be noted that in the video games of the franchise the appearance they give to the characters is almost the same as in the series. The difference between video games and anime is the animation style: while the first is 3D, the second is in 2D; that is, it has no volume, it is a flatter space. Although the most notable are the black lines that border the characters, in 3D video games, disappear to give way to shadows and shapes. Although far from 3D this new fanartundoubtedly gives a fresh new air to the image of one of the most famous anime in the world.