Imagine the design that PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim would have and the result will surprise you

Imagine the design that PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim would have and the result will surprise you

With his new generation machinery, its ultra fast SSD, the 4K Blurays readeretc, PlayStation 5 is an outstanding console in terms of capabilities, but there is still much debate regarding the aesthetic design of Sony’s console. There are those who like the modular design through side housingsJust as there are those who do not like those “lapels.” Regarding size, there seems to be a bit more consensus, PS5 is really bigTherefore, just over a year after its launch, They have already begun to imagine the designs of their reviews, PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim.

The Dutch half Let’s Go Digital, the same one who published the first designs of the famous V-shaped PS5 development kit, has imagined what the future PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim could look like and what new features they could incorporate with respect to the original model. In terms of design, it seems that the medium keep betting on the same construction with side panels, but more collected, that wrap the console. In the case of the Pro model, two panels that surround it almost completely, minus the central buttons, while in the Slim model it seems only a top layer.

Regarding size, it seems that we are not going to get rid of the debate, because this PS5 Pro imagination looks even bigger Than the original PS5 model, the thickness of the console seems exaggerated. PS5 Slim, however, is the size of a simple media player big as a router, which doesn’t seem entirely credible either. They also seem to trust that Sony will finally choose between black or white model.

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New design and new functions

From Lets Go Digital they believe that a redesign of the PS5 for its Pro and Slim models would help solve part of the supply and manufacturing problems consoles suffer today, as happened with the first redesign of the consoles, the one where the heatsink was changed. Although it is still assumed that the Pro review would have new hardware more powerful than the original model.

Currently PS5 has a 3.5 GHz AMD Zen 2 8-core CPU, 10 Teraflops of raw power from an AMD RDNA 2 architecture 36 CU 2.23GHz GPU, 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and 825 GB of SSD memory. It is to be expected that some of these components will be updated on a hypothetical PS5 Pro, but not all of them.

From Lets Go Digital they also wonder if with the arrival of the PS5 Pro model it will finally be possible watch games at 8K, something that does not seem to be entirely viable at the moment. In either case, if Sony considers launching a PS5 review or two, hopefully did not happen before 2023. Although it is not known how COVID-19 could affect Sony’s plans, for now, PS5 has managed to sell more than 13 million consoles with pandemic and supply crisis through. We will see what happens for the next few years.