Images of upcoming PlayStation VR2 leak online

Images of upcoming PlayStation VR2 leak online

One of the most rumored releases of 2022 has had a relatively minor showing so far this year. However, that launch is not a game, but Playstation VR2. It’s long been rumored that Sony’s new VR goggles and accompanying motion controls will go on sale in late 2022 or early 2023, but Sony has yet to make any official announcements.

That’s still true, but there’s newfound evidence that PS VR2 development is proceeding apace. Well, a photo being shared on the Internet shows what appears to be the first Playstation VR2 found in real life. The photo shows a sales unit of PS VR2, which includes the virtual reality goggles, two new controls, as well as the wiring still packaged. It is identical to promotional photos previously shared by PlayStation.

Images of upcoming PlayStation VR2 leak online

The photo was first shared by developer Bit Planet Games, best known for VR titles Ultrawings and Ultrawings 2, in a since-deleted post on Twitter. The post said “Guess what’s coming to PSVR2?“, and included the photo next to it. The implication is that Bit Planet Games is developing a new VR game for PSVR2 or planning to bring your Ultrawings titles to the new VR platform. Therefore, the team has received a headset before the hardware is available to test the games.

There is nothing particularly revealing about the photograph, apart from the fact that the apparently finished versions of the PSVR2 they’re already in production, even if they’re just being released to developers for testing. That could mean that Sony is already making PS VR2 for eventual release, or that Sony is preparing for it.

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In any case, it is proof that things are moving forward and that the launch of PSVR2 is getting closer, although it remains to be seen when that release date will be.

As for when more information on the PS VR2 headset can be expected, it’s far from clear. Sony could hold a PlayStation State of Play in July or August, or it could wait until late 2022.