“I’m freaking out where this has come”

“I’m freaking out where this has come”

“Yesterday a customer at the bar, after ordering shrimp and eating it, returned the plate like this,” he explained. John Nicholas Vargas On twitter.

The event, which occurred in the bar Maria Tapas, in the port of Las Galletas (Tenerife), has been one of the first talks of the summer on social networks, with hundreds of thousands of people wondering who the hell eats some prawns and leaves the plate like that?

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The response took just over 10 hours to arrive. Lorraine Hernandez He responded to Vargas’s tweet with this message: “Hello, it’s my mother. I have evidence to prove it, I’m freaking out where that has come.”

In the message we can even hear the person in charge acknowledging her authorship, although she does not give reasons about the motivations for her action. We will have to settle for aYes it was me”. Perhaps you read our article on how to peel prawns and prawns?

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