illustrations of Dr Strange, Scarleth Witch and Loki #Marvel

illustrations of Dr Strange, Scarleth Witch and Loki #Marvel

Browsing through Instagram, we have come across a series of interesting fan art, to which we have recently paid more attention.

And although we must admit, several were to our liking, we must accept that one day we cannot pay a well-deserved small tribute to each one.

That is why we chose an illustrator, who, as she herself mentions, her profession and art are part of her daily life, and as we have mentioned before, some are not so popular, but that is not an impediment to sharing her proposals.

Right now, we’re talking about a girl named katie, who enters although not yet so popular on the social network, we believe has talent, since her work speaks for her.

Kattie, who came to our eyes through the social network, Instagram, you can find it as kattie_digital_art, who to this day has little more than 1,100 followers, shows us through your account, some of your work.

We have chosen 3, since they are directly related to being characters from Marvel.

The first is about benedict cumberbatch, who plays the beloved Dr Strange, one of the most powerful members of the avengers, who ceased to be a prestigious neurosurgeon and already in some films of the MCU He has shown us his incredible abilities and powers.

The second illustration shows us the incredible and powerful Wanda Maximoff, better known as Scarlet Witch, who last year gave us a series, where he showed just a little of his great powers by creating an entire town with the help of his psychic powers and his distortion of reality. We can see her wearing her iconic red headdress.

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The third and last illustration shows us the dear Loki, who is the god of deception, who also had an amazing series last year through Disney+. Who can we look at is wearing the suit he had to wear when he was arrested by the guardians of time, as well as the necklace that did not allow him to use his powers.

We hope that these interesting works are to your liking, we will continue to share more interesting fan art that we find on the network. Continues in eGamesNews.