illustration of Sabrina #Pokémon #FanArt

illustration of Sabrina #Pokémon #FanArt

It is evident that Pokemon is one of the franchises with the largest number of followers, with multiple seasons of anime and many popular well-known video game titles.

That is why there are many interesting fan art about the series on social networks, and that is how we found one that we found quite interesting about one of its characters, which, although it only appeared in one of its seasons, was liked by its fans. followers.

But, first of all, let’s talk a little about its creator.

A few days ago we had shown you a work by this artist, perhaps you remember Axsens, a girl who, through Instagram, which is dedicated to making illustrations, where the vast majority of them are superheroes, as well as some video game characters.

The girl, already has more than 88 thousand followers, and several of his works are already exhibited on his profile, as well as on patreon.

Now, let’s talk about what it portrays us, sabrina, one of the girls from Team Rocket, who we were able to meet in Pocket Monsters Specials, which is the gym leader of Saffron City and specializes in Pokemon psychic type.

In the illustration, we can see the girl with very long black hair, with captivating red eyes with a challenging look, a fine and sharp face, as well as soft and thin lips.

Wearing the uniform of Team Rocket (of which she was a member): an open white top with a large red letter, a black top underneath and a small white skirt, black knee-high boots, and a pokeball in her left hand.

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Definitely a new way to look at the ex girl Rocket.

Without a doubt, thanks to the details that this girl shows us, it is a piece worth admiring, we hope that this illustration has been to your liking.