Either by moving, by need to make radical changes at home or to add small details that make a difference: Ikea It surprises us with novelties in its collection that promise not to leave anyone indifferent. In the form of a sofaSimple furniture or key accessories, these options could completely transform your home.

Simple but effective furniture

They say that simplicity is the key to everything and Ikea knows it. With straight and / or simple lines, these proposals want to add comfort and effectiveness to our rooms. In the form of a shelf, table or chair, these options could sneak into the homes of many Spaniards – and no wonder.

Ikea News 2021 Furniture 01
  • Divan structure with two drawers, 199 euros.
Ikea News 2021 Furniture 02
Ikea News 2021 Furniture 03
Ikea News 2021 Furniture 04
Ikea News 2021 Furniture 05

The perfect sofa for Sunday afternoons does exist

There are perfect sofas for perfect rooms that bring everything together to become the star of the living room. Perfect for stretching on a Sunday afternoon, Ikea presents two models that promise to break hearts.

Ikea News 2021 Sofa 01
Ikea News 2021 Sofa 02

A carpet that becomes the protagonist

Over the years, decoration firms have shown us the importance of rugs. Starring in a leading role, this new design promises to accommodate all possible styles.

Ikea News 2021 Carpet

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