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If you want to start running, don’t forget about strength: seven exercises to get stronger

If you want to start running, don’t forget about strength: seven exercises to get stronger

Unfortunately, many runners underestimate the potential of strength training and all the benefits that it can bring to them when it comes to running.

Specific, the performance improvement and the reduced risk of injury These are two very widely evidenced advantages that runners can achieve if they practice strength training from exercises.

Barbell Front Squat

The front squat with a bar is a great exercise since it has a great impact on the knee extensors (quadriceps, mainly), so it can be a great strengthener of this joint.

In case it is difficult for you to carry it out, you can also opt for machine knee extensionsalthough the latter are a considerably less complete exercise.

barbell romanian deadlift

The Romanian variant of the deadlift is capable of very significantly involving the hamstrings, helping us reduce the incidence that we can have when suffering an injury.

Also it is able to help us when it comes to braking when we runbeing an especially useful exercise in case we usually run downhill on relatively steep slopes.

Barbell Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is another exercise that should form the basis of a runner’s strength training, as it is king when it comes to training the glutes, and that is why this movement is so relevant.

The glutes are one of the main muscles that are activated when we move quickly forward, so it is convenient that we try to strengthen them if we are interested run faster and faster.

front plates

Front plates are an exercise that activates our core by requiring it to keep us stable against the force that gravity exerts on our body.

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A increased stability while we run can help us reduce all kinds of unnecessary movements that do not make us move forward, and in fact it can help us that our legs can apply more force by keeping us more stable.

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Wide Grip Pulley Row

Runners often refuse to train their upper body muscles, but the reality is that a correct arm movement can help us reach higher speeds and of course it can make our running technique more efficient.

For this reason, it is convenient that you begin to use your arms as two pistons that help you move, and for this, one of the movements that can help you strengthen them is the wide-grip pulley row.

Standing calf raises

Standing calf raises can really activate your gastrocnemius, and of course this can in turn increase your legs’ ability to propel you farther with each stride.

To do them correctly, keep the knee extended but without locking it and try to complete the travel range without bouncing at any time.

Seated calf raises

Finally, seated calf raises focus the exercise on the soleus and of course this can be very useful if we want to especially increase our running endurance.

If you are going to do this exercise remember to push up explosively but controlled at the same timeand try to resist the eccentric phase very slowly to give your soleus the boost it deserves.

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