If you want to lose weight, proteins are key and we will tell you why

If you want to lose weight, proteins are key and we will tell you why

When it comes to getting rid of extra pounds, there are many nutrients that are especially useful. Among them is the fiber and also the proteins: we tell you how they can help you lose weight.

This is how proteins contribute to weight loss

Proteins offer 4 Kcal per gram and are one of the nutrients that most satiety produced because they stimulate the production of hormones that reduce hunger in the body. Likewise, they favor the satiation that determines the end of a meal. Therefore, help you eat less and achieve the caloric deficit we need to lose weight.

On the other hand, protein require a large expenditure of calories to metabolizethus favoring an increase in energy expenditure that can facilitate weight loss.

Beyond all this, proteins are the only nutrient that cannot be stored, but is eliminated through urine when not used, and because it is part of structures, can contribute to the maintenance of lean massincluding muscle and bone, when losing weight.

The latter can promote weight loss indirectly because muscle mass is metabolically more active than fat mass, that is, Helps burn more calories at rest.

For all this, proteins are a nutrient that cannot be lacking in our diet to lose weight, since it has also been shown that promote fat burning in the framework of a hypocaloric diet together with regular training.

We therefore recommend the intake of lean proteins or accompanied by good fats which can be of animal origin, such as turkey or chicken breast, fish, shellfish or egg whites and fresh cheeses, or of plant origin that we find in legumes, whole grains, dried algae, nuts and seeds.

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