Tech-savvy Apple fans consistently deliver incredible surprises. When it is not about a render on an upcoming device, the intervention of a classic with the logo of the bitten apple, there are those who also discover unpublished pieces. This time, it has been YouTuber “Krazy Ken”, who has got down to work with a prototype Bondi blue iMac G3, quite peculiar.

They discover a strange prototype of the iMac G3

“Krazy Ken” has posted a video on his Computer Clan channel where he discusses a rare prototype of the original Bondi blue iMac G3. Although the end result is quite different from the shipping version, despite having a similar resemblance. The discovery has become a project in progress, in which Ken works with other tech YouTubers to make it functional.

From the prototype to the original iMac G3

As you can see in the video, This iMac G3 prototype uses different plastics from the shipping version. Ken says this is likely just a material used to make prototyping more affordable, as is typically seen in other Apple prototype products. The plastic on the back of the CRT housing is completely transparent rather than opaque.

Unlike the iMac G3 we know of, this prototype has a yellow logic board. The original iMac G3 ships with a green logic board. But, most Apple prototypes use red logic boards, so this is an outlier. There are several other components within the prototype that are different, and Ken reviews them in the video, available below.

The stickers arranged all over the device indicates that it was not approved by the FCC for sale. But, it is likely to be quite late in the product development cycle as the design is near completion and because 1998 is listed as the copyright date on the device.

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