If you have excess body fat, blame your smoking grandfather | Life

If you have excess body fat, blame your smoking grandfather |  Life

Do you blame yourself for those holsters hanging on either side of your waist? Did you think that the excess belly was due to beer? Don’t blame yourself, maybe it’s an “inheritance” from your smoking parents and grandparents…

The smokers They know perfectly well that smoking seriously affects their health. But what they may not have pondered is that it will also affect the health of their children and granddaughters.

A pioneer study carried out by the University of Bristol, in the United Kingdom, has discovered that women whose grandparents started smoking before age 13 have more body fat than those that do not meet this condition. Interestingly, this relationship does not occur with men.

On the contrary, using the same data it is found that men whose parents smoked before age 13 have more body fat than others that do not meet this condition. And in this case, it does not apply to women.

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That is to say, the early vice of the grandparents at the time of smoking affects the obesity of the granddaughters but not their grandsons, and in the case of early smoking parents, their sons but not their daughters. It is not known why this occurs.

This is not your typical study with a handful of test subjects. According to our colleague Andrea Núñez-Torrón in Business Insider, the data is extracted from a mega-study from the 90s called Children of 90.

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A total of 14,000 pregnant women they agreed to undergo monitoring, which was extended to their children and grandchildren.

This study showed, for example, that women who eat fatty fish during pregnancy, with abundant Omega-3, they have children with sharper eyesight.

Similarly, women with iodine deficiency have children with a lower IQ.

One of the properties of tea is that it helps in weight loss. These are the most recommended varieties to lose weight according to scientific studies.

Now the University of Bristol has returned to study the report Children of the 90 that has lasted more than 30 years, in search of new data. And they have discovered these curious connections between grandparents and granddaughters, and parents and children.

The next step is to try to figure out why there is a generation gap, and a gender gap, between early smokers and their offspring.

If you are a smoker, here is one more reason to quit: You are not only harming yourself, but also your children and granddaughters…