Sony has just released an interesting novelty for users of the PlayStation 5: those who have the console can get six months of free Apple TV +. Thus, they can access all the content, including the original productions of the service streaming of the Apple.

The only thing they need to take advantage this offer it is a PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID. After the six free months of Apple TV + ends, the subscription will be automatically renewed in exchange for $ 4.99 or euros. If they do not want to pay, they must unsubscribe before the end of the free period.

An interesting point to consider is that the promotion is not only available to new users. If you already pay to enter Apple TV +, you can also claim the six months free. Logically, the only requirement is to own a PS5.

Another relevant piece of information is that the promotion is valid for one year. This means that until July 22, 2022 The six-month free promotion can be redeemed on Apple TV + via the PlayStation 5. This is undoubtedly good news for those planning to buy the Sony home console soon.

How to get the six months free of Apple TV + on the PS5?

From the search bar in the graphical interface of the PlayStation 5 you must find the Apple TV app and install it on the device. You can also find it in Multimedia Content, in the “All Applications” section.

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Once it has been downloaded to the PS5, you have to follow the instructions on the screen and sign in with the Apple ID. If you don’t have one, you can create it directly from the console. And voila, with these simple steps you can now enjoy half a year for free with access to Apple TV +.

This offer is available in 61 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. You can see the full list of regions on the PlayStation website. Without a doubt, it is an opportunity to take advantage of. So if you have a PS5 nearby, or you plan to buy it soon, do not let it escape.

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